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When four friends end up stranded in the small town of Spaulding, one local family offers help. The family's real motives become terrifyingly obvious, as the couples find themselves fighting for their lives.
This movie had all the elements. The suspense was there. The dialogue was well thought out and The characters were strong.Some of the humorous dialogue I thought did not fit and was ill timed but only a couple. I see great things to come for Three Guys and A Film. J. Michael Briggs, Dave Finn and Canyon Prince are sure to show up in more great roles in the near future.This company has had some good critical reviews in the past. They continue to release good solid productions with limited resources. A national theater release, I am certain, is in the future for these artists I look forward to more releases form this film company !
From the beginning, you can tell this is going to be one of those generic, thriller movies. Replete with F grade acting and a completely obvious plot line. Even so, these types of movies can be redeemed by clever directing etc. Or even having really sexy women in it. Or maybe try and include something that sticks in your mind, something that stands out. Maybe a touch of intelligent humour who knows. This movie had none of the above. It also had horrible voice overs. The acting is all one-note. The first 10 minutes is a huge drag. After that point, I had to fastforward it. Usually I'll just turn it off at that point. But I did watch 3 minutes near the end. Pointless movie.

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